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This Secret, Video Spy Analytics Software Turned a Dead Campaign Into a $8000 Profit Pulling One Overnight & Increased Opt-ins By 209% with LESS Traffic!

Meet SpyStream: The first cost affordable video spy tracking and heat analytics plugin with advanced behavior monitoring technology

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Runs on WordPress.org, Works for All Countries and Languages

Dear Marketer,

It’s harder than ever to survive online and generate profits today.

If you’re not converting traffic at the highest level in your niche, you’re going to get outspent and run over by bigger companies that are.

Simply put, the marketers who understand their customers the best and are able to convert leads the best win today. End of story.

Of course, there are tons of tools like Google Analytics that tell you information about how your visitors came to your site, but the technology that tells you WHY visitors didn’t subscribe, didn't buy, and left your site (ie: the KEY data) is reserved only for big corporations.

So, it’s no surprise they get bigger, are able to spend more money on advertising, and small business are left remaining well… small.

You’ll never make any money online unless you know exactly why the visitors you’ve managed to generate to your webpages behave they way they do on them.  Just knowing where they came from sort of worked a few years ago, but in todays saturated, competitive internet it’s simply not enough.

But today there’s still hope for the little guy.

Let me show you how I was able to turn another dead campaign into an $8023 profit pulling on in just 24 hours using brand new, advanced video spy optimization technology…

all without changing the product that according to regular analytics was 100% ‘dead’…

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and how I took my near lifeless sites that wasn’t generating subscribers, to one that increased conversions by 203% percent including generating 203 options overnight!

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Thanks to the new technology I'm about to show you, I took that site from almost no subscribers, to filling up this Aweber account to over 8329 subscribers in just a month.

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and influenced $209,309 worth of revenue into my PayPal account.


Yep that’s right.

Instead of wasting hours creating new ads, making more products, or praying that more ‘shiny object’ softwares would solve my traffic & conversion issues… I set off to create a new tool that would allow me to deploy the EXACT same video mouse tracking & heat click technology big companies like..

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Walmart, Target, Amazon, ect.

use to crush the competition, into my very own solution.

It’s called…


and it's the first ever affordable ‘behavior monitoring’ video mouse tracking software that allows you to instantly see what each visitor does when they hit you page and shows precisely what you should do to get them to do what YOU want.

So, what if you could see exactly what users were doing on your site and know precisely why they weren’t converting, opting in, or buying? All with just a click of your mouse? Well now you can with Spy Stream.

Watch how Easy It Is to Use to 10x Your Conversions:


It’s as easy as 3 steps…

1. Install the software

2. Choose the date, content, and time you want

3. Watch the recorded sessions of real users interacting with your site!

SpyStream Can:

– Reveal specific visitor behavior and intent by recording video

sessions of a visitor that you , the site owner, can play back.

– Save Hours of Time. No split testing needed, instead of wasting weeks or months trying to find

issues, you can see instantly what’s not working.

– Comes with advanced heatclick tracking to see exactly what spots & frequency your visitors are clicking and interacting in.

– Instantly see key analytics for top pages, feeds, entry pages, exit pages, and more to make fast, important decisions.

– Improve retention and bounce rate drastically on your site for higher SEO rankings.

– Real time monitoring built in.

– Won’t overload or harm your database.


+ Creating A/B Split Test Ideas

+ Use to Improve Website Redesign

+ Perfect “Above the Fold” Testing

+ Conversion Rate Optimization for Forms, Checkouts, Subscriptions & More

+ Increase Engagement with Your Videos

+ Refine Navigation

+ Fix Screen Resolution Issues

+ Give Local Businesses Real Data of What Works & What Doesn’t

+ Check Site Security & Potential Vulnerabilities

+ Increase Fans and Followers

Look, this is NOT another loophole, “pushbutton” traffic ‘hack’ software that only works in theory.

SpyStream is based on proven technology that’s influenced Millions of dollars for top corporations

and has already helped influencer my own campaigns.

Check out this real PROOF:

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or how it helped increase optins overnight by 2039% percent…

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Look, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you have…

if you can’t convert it. Anyone can put up ads today on Facebook in a mater of minutes. What decides if a businesses survives and continues to generate traffic is if they can convert those visitors and make an ROI.

So how much is a software like this really worth?

This is the same advanced spy & heat click technology enterprise level softwares charge $500.00 + per month only with no monthly fees or hidden costs.

The few other companies that offer this kind of advanced behavior monitoring charge hundreds per month, not including fees for extra bandwidth use & only provide a fixed number of session replays.

SpyStream does all of this, for a far lower cost and much more efficiently.

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Plus, for a limited time only you can get access to an exclusive resellers opportunity!

If you act today, you’ll be able not just to install SpyStream on your own sites and your clients, but you can RESELL it to other businesses and keep 100% of the profits!

Imagine what a huge opportunity this is…

There are thousands of local & online based businesses struggling with conversions who desperately need this technology, but simply can’t afford the $500 +  monthly fees enterprise level ask for.

You can easily sell and install this software for $200-300 a pop one time, then charge a reasonable monthly fee for usage.

It will be the easiest sale of your life! Any serious business who’s actively puting money into their marketing will immediately recognize the value SpyStream brings and how they can quickly increase ROI.

All you need is ONE measly sale of SpyStream to instantly make an ROI. Do you think in the next 5 years you can get ONE business to pay for this essential technology? Yeah, I think so too.


For one small investment, you can get access to SpyStream and the resellers opportunity for life with no monthly fees.


One time payment, no monthly contracts or restrictions (unlike the big boys)

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To your on-going success,

Ben Murray


Like I said before, behavior monitoring technology isn't an option anymore, all the experts agree, you simply can't compete without it. Sure, Google Analytics is great, but it doesnt tell the essential part of the story!

The price will be rising significantly for SpyStream shortly and the resellers option will be taken off the table.

If you don't act now, you will HAVE TO pay for a far more expensive solution. SpyStream is the only cost-affordable choice today.

In just a few clicks, you'll be able to turn ANY site in ANY niche into a high-converting, profit pulling one fast.