Flagship Products Whitelabel License - Develop Your Own 6 Figure Info Product!

Flagship-Information-Products_prv2In this 3 part, deep dive training you’ll learn how to create a ‘flagship’ information product to make 6 figures plus each year!

This is derived from Eben Pagan’s premium $1997 Guru Blueprint training in which he outlines the exact formula which lead him to sell over 100 MILLION dollars worth of video information products online.

Only I’ve taken that a step further based on my own 6-7 figure information product experience and added in some even faster/better ways to get results and find your product idea.

You’ll learn…

- The exact, repeatable formula used by me, Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, & others to discover brand new (not “me too”) information products that major affiliates want to launch & customers desperatly want to buy from you.

- How to ‘presell’ the product, even if you have no list, to guarantee 100% that if you invest time creating this course, it will sell no matter what.

- What the best ‘niche’ is to use, & how to find your market and niche.. even if you think you have 0 experience you can teach

- The best way to create the product quickly so you’re not wasting months of time

- How to write the sales copy & launch the course to your market, even if you have no list & no leverage from big partners

and tons more.